How Nonprofits Can Inspire Brands on FacebookDiscover how people connect with charities on Facebook

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A shared belief in a cause can mobilize the masses. It can spark change and ignite a movement. Since 2015, people have raised over $1 billion on Facebook for nonprofits and personal causes.1 Many nonprofits have found effective ways to bridge the gap between people and their missions, enabling them to grow and scale their work on our platforms. And they can be a powerful source of inspiration for brands looking to effect change.

People increasingly expect brands to act more like charitable organizations—to be ethical and socially impactful in how they operate both offline and online. Across 11 markets, 73%* of people we surveyed said they expect brands to actively contribute to society.2 In order to meet consumers’ expectations, brands can draw inspiration from how nonprofits engage with people on Facebook as well as partner with these organizations to achieve an even greater impact.

Harnessing the power of community

Community is at the core of many nonprofits. These organizations strive to give back to the communities they serve, and they depend on additional communities to reach their goals.

Technology has changed the nature of communities. What was once an idea defined by and restricted to proximity now encompasses so much more. People build communities around shared expertise, passions, beliefs and situations, and they increasingly do so online.


of people surveyed across 11 markets* say technology is bringing the world closer together.3

Social channels enable people to connect with what matters to them—from personal interests to social causes. Nonprofits are nurturing communities around shared interests and brands can do the same to add value to people’s lives. According to GWI data, 30% of people surveyed around the world said they’d buy a product or service simply for the experience of being part of the community built around it. And this figure rises to 34% for Facebook users surveyed.4

We’ve already seen brands connect with their customers successfully around products and services by using the power of community to inspire, entertain, celebrate and empower. The key is authenticity: Marketers can build stronger connections and make a bigger difference by activating communities in ways that are true to their brand. For one organization, this may mean reaching out to an existing group of fans online to inspire action, but for another it may involve creating a new campaign that speaks to a traditionally underrepresented group in their industry.

Making it personal

Many movements have been started by people using real, personal moments, like birthdays, to champion causes and encourage their friends and family to give back. In fact, as of August 2018, over $300 million has been raised for more than 750,000 nonprofits through birthday fundraisers on Facebook.5 Public figures also have used this feature to bring their fans together around causes that matter to them.

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